March 26, 2016

Turkish Day Markets

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Ephesus Tours


Weekly Markets, are an important and integral part of  everyday village life in Turkey, every day in every region the market traders travel to a different regional locale to sell their goods. Normal streets are turned into a huge open marketplace. Some markets have their own specialities such as dealing in organic produce, others with farm implements but generally they all in some degree have all these things. These programs offer this insight into Turkish life with some really interesting historical sites, and food thrown in.

INCLUDED: Hotel pick up and drop back, Entrance fees to the sites, Guiding by Professional Tourist Guide, Full Day Private Van (Mercedes Vito or Mercedes Sprinter), Lunch at at a local restaurant.


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TUESDAY – Tire Weekly Market. After meeting your guide you will first drive to the Belevi Mausoleum which was built for one of Alexander the Great’s general, Lysimachus. From here we will drive to Tire. We first visit Tire Museum and one of the Ottoman period Kervansarays, and then you will drive to the weekly Sali Pazari or Tuesday market. After the market we will visit picturesque Birgi Village famous for it’s beautiful old Ottoman houses. We then drive back to Selcuk.

WEDNESDAY – Soke Weekly Market. You will first drive to Soke’s Carsamba Pazari or Wednesday market. After spending some time here, wandering the stores and sampling treats like olives, cheese, nuts and sweetmeats, we will drive to Diydma. The Apollo Temple here was the sanctuary of the Oracle of Didymaion (ancient Greek for ‘twin’), we will enjoy lunch here and continue to the’ first planned city, Priene. Priene was once a  bustling seaport in ancient days is now several kilometres inland. After Priene we return to Selcuk.

FRIDAY – Bayindir Weekly Market After meeting your guide you will drive to Belevi Mausoleum. Then you will continue to Bayindir market. Here we will spend some time and buy things we need for our picnic lunch. After the market you will drive to Birgi Village. After visiting some interesting old  Ottoman Houses you will drive to Golcuk, a small lake near Mt. Bozdag. Here we will have a lovely picnic lunch and some walking around the lake for your digestion then back to Selcuk.

SATURDAY – Selcuk Day Market If you are in the Selcuk area to visit Ephesus and it happens to be a Saturday then why not enhance your experience with a visit to the Selcuk local Saturday market. We will drive to the market located in the centre of Selcuk and take in this bustling regional market. After having lunch here, you will drive to Sirince Village which is famous for fruit wines. You will have time to wander the alleyways of this village and experience the old Greek houses with your guide. We’ll then drive back to Selcuk.

SUNDAY – Kirazli Village Organic Market Why not enhance your Ephesus experience and if you are in Selcuk on a Sunday then take the opportunity to visit the local market, shop for organic food and enjoy lunch at a local’s house. You will meet your guide then drive to the Sunday Market where we will shop for ingredients before lunch at a local friend’s house, (lunch is included), this local market specialises in organic vegetables and food. You will also have time to wander in the village and spend time with the locals. Then back to your hotel.


Hotel pick up

You will be met at your hotel by your guide and your private A/C van. After the tour you will be transferred back to your hotel by the van as well.

No ticket line

Since you will be assisted by a profesional tourist guide during the tour you will not need to wait at the ticket lines.

Be a traveller

Your guide will inform you about the sites, Turkish culture, all religions in these lands and more so when you finish the tour you will know about the places you’ve been.




Our aim is not just to take you to the sites and give you information about them but also by telling you stories we will try to make you travel back in time and learn the facts behind the historical events. We believe seeing and listening will not be enough so we will encourage you to try the local tastes to experience Turkey better. We will also encourage you to mingle with the locals to know Turkey better as well. Shortly we will do our best to be sure that you will leave Turkey with best memories and with a better understanding of these lands.