March 19, 2016

Sultan’s Istanbul


Sultan's Istanbul tour will take you to both Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahce Palace. You will visit the Harem sections of these palaces as well. By this way you will have chance to compare the different eras of Ottoman Royal family. We thought, visiting, seeing and listening will not be enough so we decided to take you to Deraliye Restaurant for lunch. This is a gourmet restaurant offering Ottoman Palace Cuisine to its guests. Here you can order the favorite dishes of the sultans or the meals served for special occasions during Ottoman era. 


THE TOUR COVERS: Topkapi Palace including Harem, Lunch from Ottoman era, cooked at Dearliye Restaurant, Dolmabahce Palace including Harem

INCLUDED: Hotel pick up and drop back, Entrance fees to the sites, Guiding by Professional Tourist Guide, Full Day Private Van (Mercedes Vito or Mercedes Sprinter), Lunch at at a local restaurant.



You will first drive to Topkapi Palace. With your professional tour guide you will wander at the courtyards and visit the chambers and the imperial rooms of the palace and you will be amazed with the artifacts that the royal family left behind as their legacy. Unlike most of other tours offered to travelers, the Harem Section will be included in your tour as well.

Later you will have lunch break at Deraliye Restaurant. This beautiful restaurant is famous for its 16th and 17th century Ottoman palace dishes, which are cooked according to the recipes from the Topkapi Palace’s archives. After enjoying your meal that were once cooked for the sultans, you will continue to Dolmabahce Palace.

This 19th century Ottoman Palace was the residence of the last 6 Ottoman Sultans. Here you will visit both the Administrative and the Harem sections together to have a better understanding of royal family from different eras.

Sultan's Istanbul
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Hotel pick up

You will be met at your hotel by your guide and your private A/C van. After the tour you will be transferred back to your hotel by the van as well.

No ticket line

Since you will be assisted by a profesional tourist guide during the tour you will not need to wait at the ticket lines.

Be a traveller

Your guide will inform you about the sites, Turkish culture, all religions in these lands and more so when you finish the tour you will know about the places you've been.



Our aim is not just to take you to the sites and give you information about them but also by telling you stories we will try to make you travel back in time and learn the facts behind the historical events. We believe seeing and listening will not be enough so we will encourage you to try the local tastes to experience Turkey better. We will also encourage you to mingle with the locals to know Turkey better as well. Shortly we will do our best to be sure that you will leave Turkey with best memories and with a better understanding of these lands.